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October 2018 Newsletter

Hello Everyone!


We hope your children have been enjoying their first month of preschool with us. We are all making adjustments and learning new skills. Everyone is succeeding! Please come to us with any concerns or questions.


Please provide rain boots and a coat on all rainy days. The children love to experiment with water outdoors and we have learning centers outside as well as inside. If it is stormy we will remain indoors.


We have had a few emergencies this last month: a School District fire drill and a Lock Down. Please feel free to ask us about our procedures for these special circumstances if you need more information. All the children involved did a great job of listening and staying safe. We also practice our own basic fire drills each month and an Earthquake drill annually.


As a safety measure, we will be installing a video monitor within the preschool and it will be on during Preschool hours and during After School Care hours.


There have been questions regarding which snack items to bring. Fresh fruits and vegetables are wonderful of course! Other ideas may include cubed cheese/ham, wowbutter/celery sticks, or homemade muffins (cut to share). It’s great for the children to try new foods. Please send moderate amounts as not all the children get hungry during class time. *We are nut free.*


Our phonics program will start this month. We will work on A, B and C. One class time each week is designated for learning about, pronouncing and discussing a letter. We will allow for creative art expression of that letter as well. Some children may not show interest in this program but we will continue to offer this learning opportunity to all children throughout the year.


Coming soon: Our documentation board where photos and stories of special events and activities will be displayed.


Upcoming events to mark on your calendar!

  1. Thanksgiving holiday is Monday October 8th. We are closed. Enjoy!
  2. Our class photo/individual photo days are October 22 and 23. For MWF children you will have your photo time on Monday and for TTH children it is on a Tuesday.
  3.  Halloween celebrations will happen on:
    October 30 for TTH classes
    October 31 for MWF classes.
    Choose a simple costume that allows your child to participate in normal daily activities. (no weapons) Please do not bring candy to Preschool. We will provide a sign-up sheet the week before for special snacks (small portions) that you can bring that day if you wish to contribute. These will be shared at snack time!
  4. Field Trip. TBA

Promontory Preschool and After School Care

45850 Promontory Road
Portable #70 Vedder Elementary School
Sardis, B.C. V2R-1B1


Manager / Preschool Teacher: Jeannie Korytko
School Line: 604-845-1800