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December 2018

Hello Families!


The month of November seemed to fly right by! Hopefully we are all going to be healthy for December as we caught the cold/flu this month. Fingers crossed and all hands washed!!

We will have preschool classes until December 21st.
We will be back in session on January 7th.

We are starting right in with our “Holiday at the Farm” field trip**.
MWF PM Dec 3 11:30am to 1:00pm
MWF AM Dec 5 9:00 to 10:30am
TTH AM and PM Dec 4 11:30 am to 1:00pm

**please see poster in classroom for all details and snap a photo**

Our theme this month will be “Celebration”. We would like to share our celebration stories at circle time this month. Please work with your child to write/type a simple story of how you celebrate this season as the year ends and a new one begins. Perhaps you would like to include a family photo for sharing with classmates! Dianne will read the stories out loud as they arrive for all to hear. It is so wonderful for the children to hear about all the different ways to celebrate the holidays.

We would like to have a pancake party on the final week of classes. Please do not bring any snack share items on these days!

MWF AM and PM December 21st
TTH AM and PM December 20th

Some children have been very excited about wearing their boots and muddybuddies. Outside time is an important part of the children’s day and they look forward to it immensely. Please send your child in rubber boots or waterproof winter boots. Splash pants are great if your child already has a much adored coat. As the weather gets colder it is a super idea to include some mini gloves/mittens as these are affordable and easy to stow in small pockets when little hands need to be free.

Please know that if there is snow we are going outside for sure! Ms. Dianne is from Saskatchewan and loves the snow a lot and she’ll share her love of snow with as many kids as possible.


We will work on letters: G, H and I this month.


May all your holiday time be peaceful and joyful. It will be great to get together again in the New Year!


Dianne, Suzette and Katie

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