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April 2018 Newsletter

Spring is here! Flowers are in full bloom and the trees are beautifully green, with the sun being welcomed!

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back from Spring break! It’s good to be back, after a much needed break and with the weather being quite nice, there will more opportunities to play outside!

For the month of April, we will be learning about the various countries and cultures around the world. The children are encouraged to bring something that reflects their heritage or family customs. Being a multicultural community, we get to explore and experience a little diversity, either by the foods we eat, holidays we participate in or observe, and entertainment at events that we attend. Please feel free to share, here at After School Care!

The virtues of the month are “Respect”, “Kindness”, “Patience”, “Peacefulness” and “Tolerance”.

There is a Pro-D-Day on April 27th but under Important Dates, you’ll find different events that occur in parts of the world in April. To go along with this month’s theme, we’ll touch base on these too!

Just a friendly reminder:
• Please sign-out your child at the end of the day( located near the events board)
• Rate $21/ day
• Registration fee $25 per child (non-refundable/ secures spot) either new or returning to the program
• Ten calendars with dates chosen, multiplied by $21/day, per child
• Ten post-dated cheques for the calendar year, in the sum total of days attending
• Current photo of your child to attach to their file
• Pack a healthy, peanut/treenut-free snack for your child to eat at A.S.C.
• Weather appropriate clothing (60 min. outside play, Active Play Policy)

Important Dates:
• April 2nd 2018 – World Autism Awareness Day
• April 4th 2018 – Peace Day
• April 11tb 2018 – National Pet Day
• April 12th 2018 – Children’s Day
• April 21st 2018 – Astronomy Day
• April 22nd 2018 – Earth Day
• April 23rd 2018 – Language Day / Shakespeare Day
• April 24th 2018 – Action Day for Tolerance and Respect between People
• April 27th 2018 – Pro-D-Day (No School or After School Care)
• April 29th 2018 – International Dance Day
• April 30th 2018 – Education Day


Thank you,

Suzette and Jennifer

After School Care Staff

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