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After School Newsletters

August 14th,15th,16th, and 17th Open House 2017

Please join us for our Open House from 10am – 1pm. August 14th – 17th  2017.

Registration forms will be available and a meet and greet with the teachers.

Starting this year! Our new hours of operation include Before School Care.

Open from 7am – 8:30 Monday – Friday while regular elementary school is in session.  (Note were still closed on pro d days and stat. holidays as usual.  See you in August !!!!

After School Care June 2017 Newsletter

      “The month of June is a time to reflect on all that has been learned, throughout the school year and with Summer weather just around the corner, the importance of Sun safety is paramount. So please, wear sunscreen and a hat while playing outside!” […]

After School Care May 2017 Newsletter

       “The month of May brings flowers and warmer weather, with plenty of outside time here at After School Care.”   Dear Parents and Caregivers,            First I would like to welcome new students, parents and caregivers to After School Care, as well […]

Promontory Preschool and After School Care

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Manager / Preschool Teacher: Jeannie Korytko
School Line: 604-845-1800