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October 2018 Newsletter

Hello Parents and Caregivers,


Autumn is finally here with many Fall festivities to be had and celebrated here at After School Care! As the weather gets cooler and more wet, please dress accordingly. We play outside for sixty minutes, as per policy and sometimes longer, with weather permitting. Sometimes we get to use the Vedder Elementary School Gymnasium.


We have had a couple of events happen with an emergency fire drill and lock down, later turned lock and secure. It didn’t happen within after school care hours but it did during our afternoon and morning preschool classes. We want to thank Vedder Elementary School for prompt action and for keeping the lines of communication open. Safety in our community is important and it takes a community to raise a child.


Our new meeting place, is at the hockey court outside of the gymnasium and is no longer inside the hallway by the gym and office. This is on school grounds, backing onto the Intermediate playground near the back of the school with an After School Staff member waiting for the children to arrive, while another Staff member picks up the kindergarteners and grade ones.


We are looking at installing a video monitor within our classroom for Preschool and for After School Care, in light of recent events. To keep all children and staff safe. Looking for feedback on how you feel about a video monitor being used during class and after school care times. Forms will be provided and they can be anonymous. Just drop them in the box beside the Sign In/Out sheet. You can also email us through our website or contact us directly by phone (604) 845-1800. Thank you, for your participation and for making this a great program with your feedback!


Extended hours of operation, being open during Spring Break, Summer Break and an hour Before School Care. Please indicate if this is something you’re interested in and fill-out the necessary paper work.


Our monthly theme for October is the “Fall Harvest” with celebrations of “Thanksgiving”, “National Colour Day”, and “Halloween”. We will have a Halloween party with peanut-free/treenut-free items and fun games inside and outside. You may send a treat, fresh vegetables or fruit to share and fun trinkets too! Thank you, for your hospitality.


Important Dates:
• October 5th Pro-D-Day (No School, No After School Care)
• October 8th Thanksgiving (No School, No After School Care)
• October 17th Early Dismissal (No School, No After School Care)
• October 19th Pro-D-Day (No School, No After School Care)
• October 22nd National Colour Day (For fun wear a rainbow!)
• October 31st (Halloween / Halloween Party)


Please do not include statutory holidays, early dismissals and Pro-D-Days on your calendars when filling them out. See Vedder Elementary School website calendar and the School District 33 website for more dates. If these days are included, you will be charged accordingly. Thank you for taking this into consideration, when planning out your calendars.


Kind regards,


After School Care Staff

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