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September 2018

Greetings families!

Welcome to the preschool program.

My name is Dianne Beckett and I am happy and excited to be your teacher this year. I have been working with children since 1998 and hold an ECE Certification, Forest School Certification, Yoga Teaching Certification and TESL Certification. I believe that all children are unique, creative, curious and capable. I have met many of you at our Open House this summer and if we haven’t met, I look forward to it next week! Suzette Wilson will be returning for her 2nd year with our preschool program to work alongside myself. She holds her ECE Assistant certification, Community Support Work diploma and her Responsible Adult certificate. She also works in our Elementary After School Care program and has for seven years. She’s very creative and artistic, making crafts with the children.

This month we will be learning all about each other. This includes sharing about ourselves and listening to others’ stories about themselves. We will practice our name learning songs, introduce the Talking Stick and discuss the Virtues of Friendliness, Respect, and Kindness. In addition, we will be practicing our classroom routines and getting to know our indoor/outdoor spaces. There is so much to explore!

  1. If you see raindrops in the morning, please wear your rain jacket and rubber boots. While the weather is mild we will try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.
  2. Each child has a spot for their own indoor slippers/shoes. We will change our footwear as we arrive each day.
  3. Please remember that our classes for the week of September 4th to 7th run from 9am to 10am and 12pm to 1pm.
  4. We will share a light snack during our class time starting on September 10th. We ask that each family bring a piece of fruit or a vegetable for the children to enjoy.
  5. September 18th and 19th will be ‘Bring your Favorite Stuffie to School’ day. We will share stories about why we love them.

Parents, there is a lot of time for chatting about yourselves and your child during this week. I encourage you to come and share with Suzette and I after class if you are able.

Thank you so much and see you soon!

Dianne Beckett and Suzette Wilson

Promontory Preschool and After School Care

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Manager / Preschool Teacher: Jeannie Korytko
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